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11 Beautiful Waterfalls of Sikkim

The tiny state of Sikkim is filled with wonders of Mother Earth. Tucked away in the Himalayas, it has some of the best scenic spots in India. Magnificent passes, spectacular lakes and views of some of the highest peaks in the world make it a place worth visit. To top it all, there are some breathtaking waterfalls here.

1. Kanchenjungha Falls

The Kanchenjungha is the third highest peak in the world and the highest in India. It is located on the border of India and Nepal in Sikkim. Gorgeous views of the Kanchenjun­ga are not the only treat here; the Kanchen­junga Falls that originate from Mt. Kanchen­junga is a splendid waterfall. Located close to Pelling, the falls, surrounded by a thick forest, is a perennial one, which means that it can be seen gushing throughout the year, without freezing. It is a popular spot for day trips. One can reach the viewpoint here by a half an hour drive from Pelling.

2. Banjhakri Falls

One will come across these falls on the way to Ranka monastery from Gangtok. The falls start from a height of 40 metres and falls with full force over the rocky terrain. The name comes from ‘Ban’ which means forest and ‘jhakri’ which means traditional healers. Ban Jhakri is said to be a man with healing powers who resides in the forests here. Nearby is an energy park which also attracts a lot of tourists nowadays. It has beautiful gardens and statues of ethnic cultures like Lepcha and Mangpas. The park has solar power generated activities for the public. It is located 12 km from Gangtok.

3. Bakthang Falls

Bakthang Falls are located only about 3km from the capital city Gangtok. It can be seen from the roadside, hence easily acces­sible. It is in North Sikkim, very close to the Tashi View Point. The falls start from Ratey Chu, which is the main water supplying river in the city Gangtok. The waterfalls are quite wide and that makes it even more spectacular. One can experience an adrena­line rush here by taking the rope sliding. From the spot one can see the Himalayas and the town of Gangtok below.

4. Naga Falls

These falls are situated near Lachung, on the Gangtok-Chungthang road, about 82 km from Gangtok. It is one of the longest waterfalls of Sik­kim. Surrounded by snow capped Himalayas, the falls has many levels. The main fall being very far from the road, one has to trek to see it. There is a scenic rocky path for trekking up there. It is not safe to visit during monsoon as the flow of water becomes quite heavy.

5. Changey Waterfall

This popular waterfall is located only 9 km from Pelling, on the Pelling-Dantam Road. It is a white stream of water cutting through thick green slopes of the mountain. The waterfall is sur­rounded by hills. The water crashes down from a height of 300 feet. One has to walk for 20 minutes through a rough pathway till the falls. The Dantam Bazaar located nearby, is popular for shopping.

6. BhimNala Falls

It is a mesmerizing waterfall located in Khedum near Lachung in North Sikkim. This waterfall is among the highest in the state of Sikkim and a very popular tour­ist spot. The fall has three levels through which it cascades. The falls is located on the Chungthang-Lachung road, so one can stop here and admire the natural beauty. The impact of the gushing waters of the falls creates a loud and continuous sound which can be heard from far off.

7. Phamrong Falls

These falls probably has the most power­ful flow of water. It is the highest waterfall in Sikkim and is located between Yuksom and Tashiding. The source of this waterfall is also the Kanchenjunga. The waterfall crashes through a green plateau and then take a steep downward spiral. It is a multi-tiered waterfall creating huge spray of water that has created natural water pools between the road and the main falls. There is a bridge from which one can view the falls. To reach this viewpoint, one has to trek for about 200 m. The Kanchenjunga can be viewed up close from here. From Pelling it is only 35 km away.

7. Rimbi Waterfalls

Located near Darap village, this is a very popular sightseeing spot in Sikkim. It lies on the way to the famous Khecheopalri Lake and Yuksam. The falls are part of the Rimbi river which is popular for activities like swimming and fishing. There is greenery around through which the white stream of water cascades. It is located only 12 km from Pelling. The waterfall is most spectacular in summer, as the flow is perfect. During monsoon, the flow of water is too high, making it dangerous. A very old hydro electric power station is located near the water­fall, which supplies water to towns in West Sikkim including Pelling. It is quite pleasant during summer and in winter, temperatures drop below -5.

9. Seven Sisters Falls

It is a very popular spot near Gangtok situated near the highway between Gangtok and Lachung. These are seven smaller falls together. The waterfall is most gorgeous during monsoon when the flow of water is at its highest. The water falls through very rugged terrain over limestones and creates a picturesque ambience. It also creates a thunderous sound.

10. Kyongnosla Waterfalls

These falls are located about 31 kms away from the state capital Gangtok in the Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary on the way to Nathu La pass and Tshangu Lake. The water falls from a height of 10,400 ft. The impact of the gushing water creates a massive amount of spray. Since the wa­terfall is so high, the top is covered with clouds. Because of its height, locals call it Amitabh Bachchan Falls! In the sanctuary one will be able to see many rare species like the Snow leopard, Tibetan Gazelle and Tibetan wolf. Monsoon is a good time to visit as the rhododendrons and primulas are in full bloom at this time.

11. Kali Khola Falls

These falls, also known as Kuikhola Falls, are located on the way to Rongli from Rorathang on the Old Silk Route. These falls are also often re­ferred to as the Lonely Falls as these are located in a secluded spot, hidden by greenery. The spot is perfect for photography and the place draws a number of visitors just for this reason. Summers are cold here and in winter, temperatures drop below -2. The waters of the Kali Khola Falls are very crystal clear. The waterfalls are about 100 metres in length. The water flows over lush green slopes before crashing over rocky mountain.

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