11 majestic Waterfalls of Uttarakhand

Amidst the iconic landscape of snow-capped mountain peaks, one also comes across in Uttarakhand picture perfect waterfalls where water gush down break­ing the silence of the pristine surroundings. While most of these waterfalls are perfect for a short trek, being away from the busy tourist attractions, there are others that are crowd pullers. The waterfalls have an average height of 126m and an elevation of 1400m above the sea level. The falls add more charm to the beautiful state and visi­tors can spend time fishing, bathing under the glimmering falls, boating, swimming or just enjoying a good meal around nature.

1. Kempty Falls

Located 14.5 km from Mussoorie and 48 km from Dehradun on the Mussoorie-Yamunotri Road, this fall is a fascinating one and among the best in India. Set at an elevation of 1364m above the sea level, this is a perfect picnic spot where one can enjoy water activities or just spend a re­laxed evening. Developed as a tourist des­tination in 1835, the name came from the words Camp-tea, as the place was used by the Britishers for organizing tea parties. The water here drops from a height of 50 feet flowing through five cascading falls in the downstream. Below there are big pools that offer excellent opportunity to swim and play in crystal clear water of the mountain stream.

2. Bhatta Falls

It is located 7 km from Mussoorie on the Mussoorie-Dehradun Road near Bhatta village. On reaching here one has to walk for about 3 km on narrow and steep but smooth road. The waterfall cascades down from a height of 30 feet into a naturally created pool where people of all ages come to bath and play. The location of this waterfall is in a quaint area making it a good place for relaxing. There is a children’s park nearby that is ideal for kids. Eateries around offer basic ready-to-eat food like noodles, soups and coffee.

3. Jharipani Falls