12 Important Beaches of West Bengal

West Bengal is not just about literature, cultural history, or the lip-smacking food. If one looks close into the natural wealth of the state, one will be surprised to find almost all kinds of geographical features here! Except deserts maybe! From rivers, to plains, deltas, islands, mangroves, forests, hills, there is so much that the state has to offer. To add to that, a major part of the state is connected to the Bay of Bengal, which automatically gives rise to one of the most coveted tourism destinations – beaches!

Exploring the beaches of West Bengal will open a whole new world to the traveller. From the largest delta in the world to the border of the state of Odisha, there are many beautiful beaches in the state. The following is brief information about the most prominent beaches of Bengal.

1. Digha

Digha is undoubtedly the most popular beach in West Bengal. It is easily reachable by road from Calcutta. It is about 187 km to the south west of the city. Digha has a shallow sand beach. The beach is as long as 7km in length! The long beach shifts its shoreline through the day, depending on the tides. The beach is lined with Casuarinas. There are lots of things to do at the beach. There are souvenirs being sold, fried fish and seafood on offer at the beach. One can even go to nearby tourist places such as Biswa Bangla Park, the Marine Aquarium, Digha Science Centre and Amaravati Park. If one wants some serenity, one can go to New Digha Beach, since that has less people. The beach can be visited any time of the year, but it is most pleasant in the months from July to March.

A word of caution here! Since some of the areas in the Digha shore are prone to quick sand, one should not attempt to go beyond the designated swim point.

2. Mandarmani

Mandarmani is a village in East Midnapore district of West Bengal. It also has a beach of the