21 Unique Mountains to visit at least once in your lifetime

Mountain vacations are loved by most of us, but not all mountains are ‘storybook perfect’. Here is a list of 21 such mountains around the world that are unique in one way or the other, some indeed unbelievable, others magical or otherworldly. But one thing is common to all of them, each one deserves a visit at least once in the lifetime of every traveller.

1. Chocolate Hills, Bohol, Philippines

Can you imagine being in a forest of numerous chocolate mounds? Yes, the Chocolate Hills offers you such an incredible experience. They are located in the Bohol Province of Philippines and there are about 1,268 such hills spread across 50 sq km of land. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these are popular tourist attractions. They are conical shaped with a height of 30-50 meters and evenly covered with green grass. These grasses, when dried up, turn chocolaty brown in color. Therefore, tourists visit usually when the grasses dry up, rather than seeing it all green, which is not in harmony with its name. It is believed that these hills were formed ages ago, with mixed actions of coral deposition, dissolution of limestone by rainfall, works of ground water, surface water and erosion. There are several caves and springs in them and are divided by well-developed flat plains. Despite the many fairytale legends describing their origin, the actual reason of formation of these hills remains a mystery to the geologists till date. They look so alike each other that it is very difficult to believe that these hills are actually not manmade. Apart from being uniform in shape, they also have almost same heights.