32 Interesting country borders for your bucket list

There are many interesting lines, borders and passes around the world that tourists find interesting. This Snap­shot is a listing of all those attractions which must be in your bucket list when you visit any of these destinations next time.

1. Equator, Quito, Equador

The Equator is the latitudinally the longest imaginary line on the surface of the earth, diving the globe into two equal halves – the Northern and the Southern hemispheres. The Equator is a line where there are no change of seasons. One of the countries through which the Equator passes is Equador. There is a point on this country at the city of Quito, where the world is divided into two halves, and is known as Mitad del Mundo, literally translating to ‘middle of the world’. The Tourism department of the country has made sure that this point is as tourist friendly as possible and has developed it into an interesting travel destina­tion. The point is situated in a park, where one has to pay $2 as entry fees. Inside the park there is the Ethnographic Museum atop which there are breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

2. Vatican City and Rome - Country within a city

One of the most majestic cities on Earth, Rome is filled with cathedrals, churches, monuments with the best art and archi­tecture. And a major part of it lies in the Vatican city, the coun­try of the Pope, Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and many more celebrated artists. But the most curious thing about this place is that this small country grew up inside a city! The gor­geous ornate gate in Rome serves as an entrance to the Vatican. Na