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45 Tallest Towers of India that travelers must see

Dotting the map of India there are a number of beautiful towers that are worth checking out for tourists. Some of them are historical ones, some modern day constructions, and each one was built for a different purpose. There are TV towers, clock towers, temple towers, historical minars (towers), watchtowers, light houses, commercial and residential buildings. The following is a list of the top 45 towers of India.

1. INS Kattabomman (Height: 471 m; Year: 2013; Structure Type: Guyed Mast; Place: Tirunelvali, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: Tallest military structure in the world)

2. Rameswaram TV Tower (Height: 323 m; Year: 1995; Struc­ture Type: Concrete and Lattice; Place: Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: It is the tallest structure in India)

3. Fazilka TV Tower (Height: 305 m; Year: 2007; Structure Type: Lattice Tower; Place: Fazilka, Punjab; Famous for: Second tallest man-made structure in India)

4. O. P. Jindal Knowledge Centre (Height: 282 m; Year: 2009; Structure type: Steel; Place: Hisar, Haryana; Famous for: Tallest of its kind in Asia and the second tallest steel tower in the world)

5. The 42 (Height: 268 m; Year: 2017; Structure type: Residen­tial building; Place: Kolkata, West Bengal; Famous for: The 42 is Kolkata’s and India’s tallest residential building)

6. Imperial Towers (Height: 254 m; Year: 2010; Structure type: Residential building; Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra; Fa­mous for: Tallest in India from 2010 to 2017,The Imperial 3 is a proposed 396.2 m 116 floor super tall residential skyscraper in Mumbai, India, when completed it will be the tallest building in India)

7. Rajabai Clock Tower (Height: 85 m; Year: 1878; Structure type: Clock tower; Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra; Famous for: The tower is part of The Victorian and Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai, which was added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 2018)

8. Fazilka Clock Tower (Height: 27 m; Year: 1939; Structure type: Clock tower; Place: Fazilka, Punjab; Famous for: A archi­tectural mixture of Mughal Empire, British India and Vaastu Kala)

9. Chaura Bazaar Clock Tower (Year: 1906; Structure type: Clock tower; Place: Ludhiana, Punjab; Famous for: Marked the silver jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign)

10. Husainabad Clock Tower (Height: 67 m; Year: 1881; Structure type: Clock Tower; Place: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh; Famous for: Constructed by Husainabad Trust to mark the ar­rival of Sir George Couper, 1st Lieutenant Governor of United Province of Avadh)

11. Secunderabad Clock Tower (Height: 37 m; Year: 1897; Structure type: Clock Tower; Place: Secunderabad, Telangana; Famous for: To honour the progress achieved by the British of­ficers stationed at Secunderabad Cantonment in Hyderabad)

12. Clock Tower Dehradun (Height: 85 m; Year: 1953; Structure type: Clock Tower; Place: Dehradun, Uttarakhand; Famous for: Six face clock tower with a clock in each face, this monument stands much before independence)

13. Clock Tower Kollam (Year: 1944; Structure type: Clock Tower; Place: Kollam, Kerala; Famous for: Non official em­blem of the city and major landmark of Kollam)

14. Ghanta Ghar Mirzapur (Year: 1891; Structure type: Clock Tower: Place: Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh; Famous for: British Architecture, built by the British East India Company)

15. Ghanta Ghar Jodhpur (Year: 1911; Structure Type: Clock Tower; Place: Jodhpur, Rajasthan; Famous for: Promi­nent landmark in Jodhpur)

16. Mint Clock Tower (Height: 18 m; Year: 1909; Structure type: Clock Tower; Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: The first standalone clock tower in the city)

17. Clock Tower Murshidabad (Structure type: Clock Tower; Place: Mur­shidabad, West Bengal; Famous for: Hazarduari Palace)

18. Clock Tower Mysore (Height: 22 m; Year: 1927; Structure Type: Clock Tower; Place: Mysore, Karnataka)

19. Kolkata Clock Tower (Height: 30 m; Year: 2015; Structure Type: Clock Tower; Place: Kolkata, West Bengal; Famous for: Replica of Big Ben in London)

20. Mahabodhi Temple Tower (Height: 55 m; Year: 500 CE; Structure Type: Temple; Place: Bodh Gaya, Bihar; Famous for: The location where the Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment)

21. Brihadeeswarar Temple Tower (Height: 65.9 m; Year: 1010; Structure Type: Temple; Place: Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: One of the largest South Indian temples and an exemplary example of a fully realized Dravidian architecture)

22. Annamalaiyar Temple Tower (Height: 66.4 m; Year: 1260; Structure Type: Temple; Place: Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: The temple has six daily rituals and twelve yearly festivals on its calendar)

23. Qutb Minar (Height: 72.5 m; Year: 1368; Structure Type: Minaret; Place: New Delhi; Famous for: Tallest minaret made of bricks)

24. Chaturbhuj Temple (Height: 104.8 m; Year: 1558; Structure Type: Temple; Place: Orchha, Madhya Pradesh; Famous for: The tem­ple has a complex multi-storied structural view which is a blend of temple, fort and palace architectural features)

25. Tazia Tower (Height: 18 m; Structure Type: Minaret; Place: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan; Famous for: This tower was built by Muslim craftsmen in the shape of a Tazia – the tableaus made by Muslims during Muharram festival)

26. Vijay Stambh (Height: 37 m; Year: 1448; Structure Type: Mina­ret; Place: Chittorgarh, Rajasthan; Famous for: victory monument to commemorate Rana Kumbha’s victory over the combined armies of Malwa and Gujarat led by Mahmud Khilji)

27. Kirti Stambh (Height: 22 m; Year: 1185; Structure Type: Mina­ret; Place: Chittorgarh, Rajasthan; Famous for: Built for the glory of Jainism)

28. Sargasuli Tower (Height: 43 m; Year: 1749; Structure Type: Minaret; Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan; Famous for: Tallest historical building in Jaipur)

29. Tower of Mandvi (Height: 63 m; Year: 2004; Structure Type: Light House; Place: Mandvi, Gujarat; Famous for: One of the two towers, built in a bid to make Jamnagar a walled city to protect it against any invasions)

30. Charminar (Height: 56 m; Year: 1591; Structure Type: Mosque; Place: Hyderabad, Telangana; Famous for: Global icon of Hyderabad, listed among the most recognized structures of India)

31. Jhulta Minara (Height: 34 m; Year: 1452; Structure Type: Mosque; Place: Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Famous for: Vibrating or shaking towers, when one minaret is shaken the other begins to vibrate, though the con­necting passage between the two remains vibration-free; what causes the vibration is unknown)

32. Minarets of Taj Mahal (Height: 40 m; Year: 1653; Structure Type: Mausoleum; Place: Agra, Uttar Pradesh; Famous for: Slight inclination towards the outside of the terrace, in the event of an earthquake they would come crashing into the gardens and the Yamuna, and not on the mausoleum)

33. Shaheed Minar (Height: 48 m; Year: 1828; Structure Type: Minaret; Place: Kolkata, West Bengal; Famous for: Egyptian, Syrian and Turkish architecture)

34. Chand Minar (Height: 30 m; Year: 1445 C.E.; Structure Type: Minaret; Place: Daulatabad, Maharashtra; Famous for: It is considered to be among the finest specimens of Persian architecture in South India)

35. Fateh Burj (Height: 100 m; Year: 2011; Structure Type: Minaret; Place: Chappar Chiri, Punjab; Famous for: Tallest Victory Tower in India)

36. Ek Minar (Height: 20 m; Year: 1445; Structure type: Mosque Minaret; Place: Raichur, Karnataka; Famous for: One of the famous mosques in Raichur)

37. Thangassery Light House (Height: 42 m; Year: 1902; Structure Type: Masonry Tower; Place: Kollam, Kerala; Famous for: Tallest lighthouse in Kerala and on India Coast)

38. Mahabalipuram Lighthouse (Height: 26 m; Year: 1887; Structure Type: Stone Tower; Place: Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: India’s oldest lighthouse, built around 640AD by Pallava king Mahendra Pallava stands next to this modern structure)

39. Bonnie Camp Watch Tower (Height: 15.24 m; Structure type: Con­crete; Place: Sunderbans, West Bengal; Famous for: Highest watch tower in the Sunderbans, Tiger and other wild animals spotting)

40. Neti Dhopani (Structure Type: Concrete; Place: Sunderbans, West Bengal; Famous for: The watch tower presents one with a unique expe­rience of watching wildlife from its Canopy Walk which is about half a kilometer long and at a height of about 20 ft from the ground)

41. Shri Mangeshi Temple Lamp Tower (Height: Seven story tower; Structure type: Lamp tower; Place: Mangeshi Village, Goa; Famous for: 450 year old temple, temple architecture consisting of several domes, pilasters and balustrades and also a magnificent water tank, believed to be the oldest part of the temple)

42. Meenakshi Temple Gopuram (Height: 51.9 m; Year: 1238; Place: Madurai, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: The south gopura is the tallest and curvilinear. The colorful sculptures narrate legendary scenes from Hindu texts)

43. Alai Minar (Height: 24.5 m; Year: Started in the year 1311 AD, construction was abandoned after the death of Alauddin Khalji in 1316; Structure type: Minaret; Place: New Delhi; Famous for: The tower was conceived to be two times higher than the Qutub Minar. The first storey of the Alai Minar, a giant rubble masonry core, still stands today, which was evidently intended to be covered with dressed stone later on. It lies in ruins today)

44. Kovalam Lighthouse (Height: 36 m; Year: 1972; Structure type: Lighthouse; Place: Kovalam, Kerala; Famous for: Kovalam Beach is also known as lighthouse beach)

45. Khandoba Temple Lamp Tower (Height: 21.33 m; Structure type: Lamp tower; Place: Beed, Maharashtra; Famous for: The temple is said to be built in the Nizam era)

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