5 Mesmerising Lesser Known locations in the Western Ghats

For an ardent lover of nature, it is difficult to ignore the majestic UNESCO designated World Heritage site of Western Ghats in India. If one makes a trip to this glorious region once, the innumerable and varied attractions of the imposing mountains are sure to beckon him again and again. The landscapes, full of lush greenery, are absolutely marvellous, and create the perfect picture post card settings. Adding to the sublime beauty of the region are the numerous waterfalls which are literally a treat for sore eyes. Words alone may not be sufficient to describe the charming waterfalls dotting the landscapes. Only a firsthand experience will help the reader to soak in their enchantment and allurement. The 1600 km long Western Ghats, a group of hills running parallel to the western coast of India, is also one of the world’s ten ‘hottest biodiversity hotspots’. It is extremely rich in flora and fauna and is home to innumerable species of flowering plants, mammals, birds and amphibians. The range commences from Gujarat’s border with Maharashtra, and runs right through the states of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, before ending at Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India.

For the travellers, these mountain ranges provide an array of trekking prospects and opportunities to explore wildlife. The not so adventurous can simply hang out in the cooler climes of the innumerable pretty locations dotting the region. The major hill ranges of the Western Ghats are known as the Sahyadhris, Nilgiris and Anaimalai Hills. The Ghats are home to some stunningly beautiful and magnificent hill stations amidst serene natural surroundings. Ooty, Coonoor and Kodaikanal (all in Tamil Nadu) are the more popular ones.

Here is a list of five of the lesser known, yet pleasant hill locations in these mountain ranges.