75 Rock Climbing Sites in India

Rock climbing is a popular adventure sport across the world and is gradually becoming popular in India too. For our adventure loving readers, we at Touriosity thought of bringing out a snapshot of rock climbing destinations to check out. The following is a list of the most important and popular rock climbing sites across the country.

1. Sar Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Sar Pass, in Himachal Pradesh, is a gigantically prevalent rappelling and shake climbing destination with charming perspectives and excellent trails. For the most part of the year the area is covered with shimmer­ing snow. The place is swarmed by crowds of adventure lovers particularly during summers.

2. Miyar Valley, Himachal Pradesh

It is classified as a climb of moderate difficulty. It is ideal for climbers who want to experi­ence something completely different. This climb is ideal for first-timers who have decent levels of fitness.

3. Shey Rock, Kashmir

Located close to Leh, the Shey Rock is one of the best spots for rock climbing in the Kashmir region. At the Shey Rock, you will find around 20 bottled sport routes that are ideal for climbing. Difficulty levels range from easy to moderate and the safety facilities provided are top-notch. The Hiram Crack is the best place for rock climbing at the Shey Rock.

4. Madhugiri, Karnataka

Popular for its numerous monstrous rocks, it is consid­ered as the second biggest stone monu­ment in Asia and is a preferred place for rock climbers from all around the globe.

5. Paithamala, Kerala

It is a scenic destination that has much to offer to the soul, but then if you want to do something exciting and thrilling, you can take part in trekking and rock climbing. The latter is very popular here, and tourists come here from all parts of India to explore the adventure sport options that it offers.

6. Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi allures ad­venture seekers with its huge rocks placed in and around the historical town where one can see numerous rock climbers hiking up to the summits. The rocks at Hampi are quite different from the rocks at other places in Karnataka in terms of their age and formation.