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75 Rock Climbing Sites in India

Rock climbing is a popular adventure sport across the world and is gradually becoming popular in India too. For our adventure loving readers, we at Touriosity thought of bringing out a snapshot of rock climbing destinations to check out. The following is a list of the most important and popular rock climbing sites across the country.

1. Sar Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Sar Pass, in Himachal Pradesh, is a gigantically prevalent rappelling and shake climbing destination with charming perspectives and excellent trails. For the most part of the year the area is covered with shimmer­ing snow. The place is swarmed by crowds of adventure lovers particularly during summers.

2. Miyar Valley, Himachal Pradesh

It is classified as a climb of moderate difficulty. It is ideal for climbers who want to experi­ence something completely different. This climb is ideal for first-timers who have decent levels of fitness.

3. Shey Rock, Kashmir

Located close to Leh, the Shey Rock is one of the best spots for rock climbing in the Kashmir region. At the Shey Rock, you will find around 20 bottled sport routes that are ideal for climbing. Difficulty levels range from easy to moderate and the safety facilities provided are top-notch. The Hiram Crack is the best place for rock climbing at the Shey Rock.

4. Madhugiri, Karnataka

Popular for its numerous monstrous rocks, it is consid­ered as the second biggest stone monu­ment in Asia and is a preferred place for rock climbers from all around the globe.

5. Paithamala, Kerala

It is a scenic destination that has much to offer to the soul, but then if you want to do something exciting and thrilling, you can take part in trekking and rock climbing. The latter is very popular here, and tourists come here from all parts of India to explore the adventure sport options that it offers.

6. Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi allures ad­venture seekers with its huge rocks placed in and around the historical town where one can see numerous rock climbers hiking up to the summits. The rocks at Hampi are quite different from the rocks at other places in Karnataka in terms of their age and formation.

7. Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra

A beau­tiful destination in Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat should definitely be on your wish-list, more so if you are a rock climber. The destination is great for adventure sports as well, and rock climbing is one such sport.

8. Badami, Karnataka

Badami is located 150km north-west of Hampi, and is home to some of the best sport climbing in India. With routes ranging in difficulty levels from 5b to 8b+, there is something in Badami for every rock climber, amateur to pro.

9. Ramanagara, Karnataka

Ramanaga­ra is more of a trekking destination rather than a site for rock climbers. However, you can still test your energy on the highest rocks if Ramanagara. Even though the rocks settled in and around the town of Ramanagara are of small height, they are always busy with rock climbers. Interest­ingly, this place was the setting for the Hindi blockbuster Sholay.

10. Ramadevara Betta, Karnataka

This mountain is located in the Silk City of Ramnagara, which is just 50 kms from Bengaluru. Numerous Rock climbing and adventure camps are set up here which cater to the booming apetite of the adven­ture loving urban crowd.

11. Savandurga, Karnataka

The mono­lithic extensions, Karigudda and Biligudda, of Savandurga hills offer great opportuni­ties for the rock climbers. The rock climb­ing trails begin from near the temples. The routes for climbing are marked in white on these monolithic hills. The midway of rock climbing is marked with the brick wall of Kempegowda Fort and the summit with a statue of Nandi.

12. Kabbal, Karnataka

This place of­fers several climbing opportunities and explorations, thus drawing rock climbing enthusiasts. Climbers can look forward to few climbing routes (two bolted routes) and plenty of other opportunities for exploration.

13. Kambakkam, Tamil Nadu

Located approximately 100km north of Chennai, this area is ideal for camping, hiking and rock climbing; there’s scope here for a range of new climbs.

14. Tilaboni, Purulia, West Bengal

Tilaboni is a rock climbing spot in Purulia district of West Bengal which is gaining more and more popularity with time and is being visited by numerous adventure enthusiasts from different areas. There are rocks for everyone here - both beginner as well as the most seasoned rock climbers.

15. Susunia Hills, West Bengal

It is an excellent place for rock climbing in the state of West Bengal. If you are looking for a new experience then head to the Susunia Hills.

16. Tenzing Norgay Rock, Darjeeling

A huge natural rock is present here, where you can enjoy rock climbing experience with the help of expert trainers.

17. Kanheri Caves, Maharashtra

These caves provide a pleasant and breathtaking walk exploring the different options of rock climbing.

18. Mumbra Boulders, Maharashtra

Mumbra Rock Nursery is very famous place among the rock climbers of Mumbai. This place has a 70 feet nature rock wall and also on there are some boulders which provide as perfect place to train new rock climbers.

19. CBD Belapur, Maharashtra

This is Maharashtra’s first ever natural rock climb­ing trail.

20. Manori Rocks, Maharashtra

Rock climbing at Manori offers a thrilling op­portunity to rock climb at Manori, in the outskirts of Mumbai. During this activity you will climb up a near vertical natural rock surface using a harness. The Manori rocks are ideal for beginners as well as experienced climbers.

21. Pavagadh, Gujarat

This place of­fers several climbing opportunities and explorations, thus drawing rock climbing enthusiasts.

22. Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Here you can indulge in an amazing short trek and rock climbing in the hills of Mount Abu city. Whether you are a pro trekker or a newbie, this trek is for everyone. Enjoy this short trek with your family or friends and make a lot of amazing memories.

23. Bhimbhetka, Madhya Pradesh

Rock climbing is one of those expeditions that is gaining momentum in Madhya Pradesh. Bhimbhetka is breathtaking and climbing in such topography is something that every tourist shouldn’t miss out.

24. Panchmadi, Madhya Pradesh

A game of endurance and strength, rock climbing in Panchmadi is quintessentially a heady mix of breathtaking vistas of the surrounding hills and verdure, and the difficult terrain that needs to be overpowered.

25. Sanjayvan, New Delhi

Sanjay Van was discovered a few years ago and has some very nice bouldering. Climbing real rock is one of the greatest experiences of the discipline of climbing. Every rock has a different spirit and it takes teach­ing differently. One finds oneself in the process of climbing real rock. This place familiarizes climbers with real rock and helps them apply the techniques learned in the gym for true climbing.

26. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Due to its gorgeous scenery and mountainous terrain, Manali is a haven for adventure sports. One of the sports that is growing in popularity here is rock climbing. It doesn’t require any experience to begin Manali rock climbing. In fact, regular tourists can take a rock climbing course during Manali trip and get the certificate.

27. Sethan, Himachal Pradesh

Sethan is a veritable mecca for rock climbers. In the beautiful alpine valley that leads to Hampta Pass, thousands of boulders lie right off the side of the road. The abundance of rock has prompted local climbers to rent rooms in the small village and go to work doing first ascents wherever there are climbable lines.

28. Chattru, Himachal Pradesh

A paradise for climbers, Chhatru is full of granite boulders and big walls.

29. Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

The imposing mountains act as a fortress for this busy city. Cradled amidst the Dhauladhar ranges, the hilly terrains of Dharamshala possesses numerous challenges for the adventurous soul. Test your limits by engaging in the Rock Climbing expeditions at Dharamshala-Nayagroeon region.

30. Leh-Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Ladakh is a well-known destination among adventure lovers because of the various thrilling activities organised here. This plateau consists of some parts of the Himalayan and Karakoram Ranges, making it a paradise for rock climbers.

31. Chembra Peak, Kerala

Experience a challenging and adrenaline induced climb to the top of the formidable Chembra Peak, located near the heart shaped Chembra Lake in Wayanad.

32. Ranipuram, Kerala

It is well known for trekking and climbing. The natu­ral walk through the forest and the landscape view on top of the hill are mes­merizing experience. This peak is vehicle accessible but only up to the entrance.

33. Nashik, Maharashtra

Nashik is the destination for all types of adventure sports lovers. Rock climbing is one of the sports on offer.

34. Bilikal Rangaswami Betta

Every year locals from the surrounding area climb this hill to celebrate a festival at the Ranganathaswamy temple at the top. The way they have been following throughout the years has turned into a standard trekking and climbing trail.

35. Nun and Kun Peak

The Nun Kun mountain massif consists of a pair of Himalayan twin peaks: Nun, 7135 m (23,409 feet) and its neighbor Kun, 7,077 m (23,218 feet). Mt. Nun is located in the remote landscape of the Zanskar ranges in northern India and is the highest mountain in the region. Climbing this peak is a great chance to get high altitude climbing experience on a classic expedition.)

36. Sickle Moon Peak

The small Himalayan peaks of Kishtwar are quite difficult to climb. One of the popular peaks of Kishtwar is the Sickle Moon.

37. Sunset Peak, Jammu and Kashmir

Rock climbing here is possible year-round. You may need snowshoes in winter and a lot more endur­ance unless you can get your hands on a snowmobile.

38. Tatakooti Peak

It is located in the Pir Panjal peaks, a sub range of the Himalayas. The Peaks here are: the Sunset Peak and the Tatakooti Peak for which the expeditions and climbs take place.

39. Turalli, Karnataka

It is a famous rock climbing destination among the rock climbers of Bangalore. This place offers excellent opportunities in bouldering, a form of rock climbing in which the climbers have to climb on short, low routes without the use of the safety rope.

40. Kanchenjunga, Sikkim

Kanchenjunga is the third-tallest moun­tain in the world. Only Everest and K2 are taller. It sits in the eastern Himalayas, on the border between Nepal and Sikkim. According to many who have seen it, as well as to those who have climbed it, Kanchenjunga is not only one of the tallest mountains in the world, but one of the most dangerous as well.

41. North Cachar Hills, Assam

The North Cachar hills in Assam are ready to receive tourists for mountaineering and rock climbing.

42. Karbi Hills, Assam

This are a good place for rock climbing and is slowly becoming popular with tourists, mountaineers and rock climbers.

43. Elephant Rocks, Morigaon, Assam

There is a rock hill in Morigaon District of Assam which is known as the ‘Elephant Rocks’. It offers ample scope for Rock Climbing.

44. Simhasana Hills, Karbi Anglong

The Simhasana Hill of Karbi Anglong is also known for rock climbing.

45. Guwahati, Assam

The main city of Assam, Guwahati, is bounded on three sides with beautiful hills and thus has great op­portunities for rock climbing.

46. Champai, Mizoram

This commercial town located 192 km from Aizwal, is a good base for trekkers and climbers especially dur­ing the spring season.

47. Phawangpui, Mizoram

Known as the ‘Blue Mountain’, it is the highest peak in Mizoram with a height of 7,100 feet above the mean sea level. The whole plateau is a garden of rhododendron skirted by beautiful trees and flowers of all colours and shapes. There are splendid views of the blue hazed hills and valleys. This spot is one of the most ideal places for the mountaineers.

48. Lunglei, Mizoram

Natural landscape, cool and pleasant climate, rich flora - all make this place a beautiful Hill Station and a great place for rock climbing.

49. Shillong Peak, Meghalaya

If you are an adventurous soul and have been craving for some adrenaline rush in the city of Shillong, rock climbing is the best adventure for you. There are many opportu­nities for this activity in the beautiful city, and the best place to do it is at the outskirts of Shillong, in some parts of East Khasi Hills.

50. Sohpetbneng Peak, Meghalaya

One of the most liked attrac­tions in Shillong by the visitors is Sohpetbneng Peak. For those who want to spend few moments of their life in solitude, this place is the perfect pick. For taking the full pleasure of this spot, however, they have to hike to a height of 1,343m above the sea level. On reaching the peak, one is mesmerised at the view of Shillong city and thick forest around. Literally, ‘Sohpetbneng’ means the naval of heaven, and refers to this heavanly beauty. Initially, this place was famous for celestial focal point but it has, over the years, taken the shape of a major tourist attraction.

51. Khoh Ramhah, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

Popularly known as Mohrop or Pillar Rock, Khoh Ramhah is a famous tourist attraction in Cherrapunji. It is an ideal picnic spot and is formed on a huge rock which is cone in shape. According to the legends, Khoh Ramhah is a fossilized cone shaped basket associated with an evil spirit. The place offers spectacular views of the cascading waterfall along with the view of the Bangla­desh plains. During monsoon, the beauty of the place reaches the epitome with the ascending clouds moving across the huge rocks. Rain water passing between the rocks presents an over­whelming sight for the visitors to be enjoyed in monsoon.

52. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang is already a famous tourist destination. Now it is even starting to receive tourists for mountaineering and rock climbing.

53. Gorichen Peak, Arunachal Pradesh

This peak is ideal for mountaineering and rock climbing.

54. Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

Surrounded by legends and fables, the Panpatia Glacier trek and rock climbing that takes you through Panpatia Col route requires endurance and willpower to get through harsh yet beautiful nature.

55. Nainital, Uttarakhand

Rock Climbing is one of the fascinating and fastest growing sports in Nainital because it combines physical agility with the conceptual skills of problem solving in finding the way up the routes that are new to you. Rock Climbing thus attracts a broad spectrum of participants here.

56. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Rock Climbing Adventure in Mussoorie and Dhanaulti is a traditional adventure sports activity played by every country of the world. There is a Snow Activity Zone which provides various type of Rocks for climbing like - 50 ft., 100 ft., 150 ft. 300 ft. up to 600 ft. This is a very unusual thing about this Adventure Park.

57. Gangotri, Uttarakhand

Pandav Gufa is located near Gangotri and can be reached af­ter a trek of 1.5 km from the town. The place is of mythological importance as it is said to be the site where the five Pandavas mediated on their way to Kailash)

58. Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

The hilly terrain of Uttarakhand provides plenty of op­portunities for mountaineering, trekking and rock climbing.

59. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

If you are travelling to Rishikesh you should try Rock Climbing here. As Rishikesh is located near the foothills of the the Great Indian Himalayas the nearby cliffs and mountain Rock Climbing in Rishikesh ranges offer ample challanges and opportunities for climbers.

60. Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand

Situated at a height of 2,286 meters above the sea level, it is a very good place for rock climbing. Chauli ki Jaali is the place in Mukteshwar where one should go to do rock climbing and rappelling.

61. Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand

Rock climbing is an adventure activity that is traditionally done at Dhanaulti and must definitely be tried once if you are visiting here.

62. New Tehri, Uttarakhand

It is a preferred location by the mountain trekkers and adventurers. Rock climbing at various places is usually car­ried out in an artificial environment. But, here at Tehri, the trek lovers get to experience the entire activity and be a part of the natural environment it is carried out in.

63. Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

While visiting Jim Corbett National Park, you can challenge yourself with this very thrilling sport at Ramanagar. Proper guidance and tool support are available here. However, personal safety concerns should be kept in mind.

64. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

The Perumal peak is a high peak at Ko­daikanal, which is a part of the greater Western Ghat mountain range in Tamil Nadu having an elevation of 2,440 metres. It is a favourite spot for rock climbers from across India.

65. Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu

The Nilgiri Hills is a great place to indulge in an off-beat backpacking trip. It provides an array of adventure filled activities like mountain trek and rock climbing.

66. Parvatti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

The Parvatti Valley is a very rocky valley of Himachal Pradesh and is characterized by many alpine flower plantations and rocky outcrops. The rocky outcrops ensure that one gets ample opportunity for rock climbing.

67. Eruthavoor, Kerala

Situated on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, Eruthavoor is fast developing as a rock climbing site. The craggy rock here is 160 ft in height.

68. Thenmala, Kerala

The adventure zone at Thenmala offers options for recreational rock climbing and rappelling with rocks of different heights and sizes, equipped with pegs and ropes.

69. Munnar, Kerala

While the pristine beauty of the place is no secret for travellers thereby drawing visitors in large numbers, Munnar’s hilly landscapes also provide the perfect terrain for rock climbing and rappelling. Adventure enthusiasts can trek right up to the top of the misty peaks here and also hike off a steep cliff.

70. Yana Rocks, Karnataka

Comprising of two monumental rocks, Yana Rocks are very popular amongst rock climbers. These gigantic rocks test the patience and endurance of rock climbers who come here through the dense forests of the Western Ghats.

71. Skandagiri, Karnataka

With a height of 1,450 metres, Skandagiri has become a rock climbing destination since its discovery. Even though it is not very popular amongst hardcore rock climbers, it is definitely a place for beginners.

72. Shivagange, Karnataka

Being a mountain peak with a height of 2,640 feet, it is natural for Shivagange to attract trekkers and rock climbers towards it. Even though climbing this wonderful summit started as a Hindu pilgrimage, today, it is a destination for all rock climbers and trekkers apart from Hindu devotees.

73. Kalay, Goa

Goa is blessed with excellent rock faces which are good for introducing rock climbing to beginners. Learning the techniques of rock climbing under the watchful eyes of qualified instructors here is a once in a lifetime experience.

74. The Sahyadri Mountain

The Sahyadris or The Western Ghats in Goa, stretch to the border of Karnataka. It is an ideal place for rock climbers.

75. Damdama Lake

Located in the Sohna district of Haryana, the Damdama Lake is known for its pristine beauty and people come here to do boating. In the recent years it has been gaining popularity also as a rock climbing destination. The place also provides a few other adventure sports options.

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