8 Unique Forests of the World

Forest getaways are preferred by most of us. While travelling to a forest area, we generally expect to see a lot of trees, wildlife and birds, sometimes water bodies too. But there are forests in the world that are very different form this general perception. Here are 8 most unique forests of the world

Bamboo Forest in Maui’s Pipiwai Trail, Hawaii , US

If you are looking for a tropical holiday destination, where Nature unfurls herself in all her glory, the best place for you is definitely Maui in Hawaii. It is a place where the visitor is greeted by spectacular natural sceneries all around. Nature seems to have poured her heart out at Maui – often lovingly referred to by the visitors as “The Magic Isle”. Every visitor to Maui can have his or her own reason to fall in love with Maui. Among its varied attractions is the Bamboo Forest, which, to put it simply, is awesome, spectacular and marvellous. To get to the Bamboo Forest one has to hike for about a mile. However, once there, one is sure to realize why the visitors are left spellbound. As far as vision goes, there are these thick, dense groupings of bamboo stalks. Looking up, one can see innumerable bamboo stalks, towering high towards the heaven whispering and dancing in the breeze. Being in the midst of the bamboo forest, where the grasses are extremely tall, a feeling is likely to creep in that you are just a tiny ant in the midst of these enormously tall grass blades.

The Dancing Forest, Kaliningrad, Russia

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Kaliningrad in the Baltic Sea area, then be prepared to witness and have close encounters with a unique natural phenomenon in our planet – the Dancing Forest at the Curonion Spit National Park. The local people here rather like to call it the Drunken Forest. It is a rare kind of pine forest made up of trees of various shapes and sizes, most of which are bent in circles and spirals along the ground, reminding one of dance movements. If examined at close quarters, one will notice that almost every tree has got its own distinct shape. Unlike the case with Japanese Bonsais the trees here have not been forced to alter their shapes and sizes. It is a pure natural occurrence; a wonder weaved by Mother Nature. The unusual characteristics of this one-of-its-kind and unique forest has been generating considerable amount of interest among the people engaged in scientific studies and research. Many curious people make a beeline to Kaliningrad to try and unravel the mysteries behind the queer phenomenon. And the theories forwarded by various groups of people multiply with time, so does the curiosity about the Dancing forest.