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EazyDiner launches Safe+ Dining, a safety program for restaurants, diners without fear

EazyDiner will now also power takeaway and delivery from Safe+ select restaurants at a 5% commission only

EazyDiner – India’s largest eating out platform, continues to believe that eating out will come back in a safe way. With its extended operations in Dubai, EazyDiner is already seeing a healthy revival in the eating out.

With high focus on safety and hygiene protocols, EazyDiner has launched Safe+ Dining for diners and restaurant employees. A comprehensive hygiene and safety protocol monitoring will be done by EazyDiner by vetting and validating restaurants before onboarding them on Safe+ and also continuing to review via periodic visits. The EazyDiner app will also allow diners to give real-time feedback on hygiene standards of the Safe+ restaurant.

Speaking on the launch, Chairman of the Board for EazyDiner, Kapil Chopra, says – “Safe+ Dining will be offered to those restaurants which adhere to the strict guidelines ensuring health and safety of both diners and restaurant employees. We are launching an additional feature of delivery and takeaway with select restaurants at a commission of only 5% - the lowest in the industry. Besides ensuring higher revenues for restaurants, Safe+ will also aid in the discovery of restaurants for diners and alliance partners. Additionally, restaurants will also benefit from access to data to know who is ordering from their restaurants and service their customers better.”

EazyDiner also runs the country’s most premium membership dining program, EazyDiner Prime, spanning over 2100 premium restaurants across 15 cities. EazyDiner will also be able to showcase its partner restaurants and their offerings to premium diners as it also runs EazyDiner Prime for top Indian and international banks premium cardholders. These include American Express Centurion, American Express Platinum, Citibank Ultima, Citibank Prestige, Citibank Gold, IndusInd Pioneer, Axis Bank Burgundy, Axis Bank Reserve, HDFC and SBI, which constitutes to millions of high-end diners using the app.

Safe+ also comes with stringent guidelines for takeaway and delivery as an added revenue and profit opportunity for select restaurant partners across India. As an immediate solution, in key markets, EazyDiner will work with a secure delivery partner, having employees on payroll- not outsourced or freelanced- enabling constant and periodic health-checks as well as access to health history of these delivery personnel over period of time. As a long-term measure for sustainable operations, EazyDiner recommends restaurants set-up their own delivery fleets, hiring their own delivery personnel, for a stronger end-to-end control on safety, hygiene and food quality. Aggregated delivery fleets that have teams moving between multiple restaurants and services are not safe from a hygiene standpoint- also not allowing for consistent health and hygiene monitoring or addressing any illness symptoms.

EazyDiner will also provide restaurants with LiveTable, a top of the line software, to enable effective management of operations for delivery and takeaway. This will be provided at no charge to the restaurants for use over the next 3 months.

What is Safe+ Dining?

In a recent survey, after nearly 60 days of quarantine, 69% percent of EazyDiner users said they would like to go back to their favourite restaurants for a meal within a week of opening.

Rohit Dasgupta, CEO EazyDiner says “The big question in eating out will be how safe is the restaurant kitchen and the restaurant itself? An additional visible proof of the restaurants’ hygiene and cleanliness practices will definitely be welcome. Digital ordering and digital payments at restaurants are just 10% of the ‘contact’ experience, the critical bit is food preparation in the kitchen where there is high human involvement. ‘Contactless dining’ in most cases is just a marketing gimmick, a way of repacking an existing product without giving deep thought to the end product. Marketing gimmicks will not work in the current crisis and pandemic situations demand real thought through products which can solve the problem being faced by diners and restaurants.”

Key Highlights of Safe+ Dining:

1. Real-time safety and hygiene rating of restaurants by EazyDiner users when they eat at a restaurant.

2. Broadcasted live feed of the kitchen or an opportunity to see the kitchen processes. Transparent display of sanitisation and hygiene policies to the customer on the app or on demand at the restaurant.

3. E-menu on EazyDiner app for self-ordering or menu sent to you on WhatsApp when reserving a table. Digital bill payments on EazyDiner app to ensure minimal contact and quicker check-out through PayEazy.

4. Feedback and review for all Safe+ activations to take immediate measures for any gaps that diners point out leading to a 360-degree improvement cycle.

Safe+ Dining initiatives by the restaurants will include a display of self-declaration on the measures that they are taking on the following:

· Residential accommodation hygiene and sanitation of the restaurant employees

· Raw material supply chain sanitisation

· Restaurant team temperature checks everyday along with hygiene practices on shift including usage of gloves and masks

· Sanitization measures before and after every guest use of a table and also all guest use items including plates, glasses and cutlery

As a team of ex-hoteliers and restauranteurs, EazyDine understands how restaurants run. It is feasible for EazyDiner to see beyond technology and create a 360-degree product to enable a true Safe+ experience for our customers while at the same time helping restaurants to achieve the same. Safety, hygiene and sanitization is an on-going process and if not reinforced- will start failing. This will be the underlying construct of Safe+ dining. Dining which ensures that people are safe, no matter which side you access it from.

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