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India Travel Mart- 2022- Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board

New Delhi, 31st March, 2022: Madhya Pradesh is a state that reflects the true cultural heritage of Incredible India. Being one of the forerunners among the economically rising states of incredible India, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board actively participated in ITM 2022 (India Travel Mart) held at Tivoli Boutique Hotel, Lawrence Road, Britannia Chowk, New Delhi, 110035.

The ITM has provided unique platform for all stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industries to interact and transact business opportunities. The exhibition saw top-notch, industry influencers, travel enthusiasts, corporate, business heads, travel operators and media professionals from different corner of the country, who came to visit MPT stall, exchanging views and opinions on Madhya Pradesh Tourism and expand their knowledge spectrum, new developments and itinerary offerings.

India Travel Mart is a One Stop Shop where the upward moving & high earning consumers interact with the Tourism Boards, Travel Partners and Affiliated Service providers, which helps them in promoting the beauty and the benefits of the destination. This event strives to foster a healthy environment for business to client or business to business organizations all across the globe.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Devendra Rai, Resident Manager, Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd Said- “Madhya Pradesh has various activities planned, which will make it a tourist friendly destination and promote inbound tourism. The state has a great potential to offer tourism attractions in the areas of wildlife, pilgrimage, heritage and leisure to help build a foundation in different regions of the country’s Tourism sector. MP Tourism offers 68 properties in the most beautiful location of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh has mixed offering of exotic places, historic marvels, home of wildlife animals and warm hearted people. It has become a holiday spot for celebrities, businesses, friends, individuals and families. The major attraction of tourist comes in from wildlife, pilgrimage, heritage and leisure. Participation in ITM Delhi 2022 has provided MP Tourism an opportunity to showcase its beauty and versatility and educate consumers on the latest offerings and world class tourism facilities of MP

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