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The Earth Basket by The Residence Bintan

From nature’s lap to your plate

In order to better protect the earth, reduce carbon footprint and support sustainable and responsible tourism, The Residence Bintanhas set about unique ways to nurture and care for its surroundings as well as for social upliftment of the community. The Earth Basketismore than an initiative, itis a transformative experience that brings one closer to nature by indulging in sustainable development and earth-friendly agriculture.

The vision behind this initiative goes beyond the boundaries of food and agriculture but also has naturally steeped into the area of animal feeding and compost making, using natural ingredients. The resort’s very own organic farm boasting over thirty different types of herbs and vegetables from simple basil leaves to freshly picked water spinach, corn or eggplants. It goes without saying that the food is 100% organic and is absolutely fresh, without any use of any chemical fertilizers.

The ways that the resorts are looking to transform their surroundings naturally will gradually focus on socially uplifting the nearby villages by training the locals how to grow their fruits and vegetables and also create their own compost.

Looking at a post Covid-19 world where the new norm linked with travel will derive from being more responsible, sustainable and conscious towards the environment, The Residence Bintan is looking forward to creating a safe and stronger future

Few of the proud efforts have come into being and most of the food that is consumed at the resort is produced in-house, including local vegetables, fruits and fish, some of those which are not available in the nearby retail stores as well. Guests are encouraged to take a tour into the fabulously built area with aesthetics, for example; used bottles are placed for lights and a number of activities to indulge in, from planting a sapling on one’s name to feeding the animals and probably petting them too.

With the success at Bintan, The Residence Maldives at Dhigurah too, has its own Earth Garden flourishing with fruit, herbs and vegetablestended by the caring hands of thegardeners; a step towards sustainability. Embark on a gastronomic adventure and savour the Earth's delights in the Earth Garden!

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