The world’s best observation decks

An observation deck or viewing platform is an elevated platform or deck for sightseeing that is usually built in tall towers or archi­tectural structures like skyscrapers as also often on mountains and canyons. Often these observation decks double up as places offering thrill to those looking to have their adrenaline rush with activities like bungee jumping, augmented reality and other excit­ing rides.

Many of us love observation decks, not necessarily for the same reason. While most would agree that the breathtaking bird’s eye view of the surroundings is a reason that attracts us, others often visit observation decks to test their fear of heights, or to check out how the world looks like from our favourite landmarks.

There was a time when most of the highest observation decks, except for the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, were located in the continent of North America. But in the last one decade, Asia and the Middle East have taken the lead and today, the world’s highest views can be experienced in these regions only.

The following are some of the observation decks around the world that one may visit. The heights men­tioned against the names of tower or deck here refer to the height of the observation deck and not the tower itself. Entries have been listed in descending order of heights.

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China

Height: 1,841 ft.

The highest observation deck in the world is located at a height of 561.3 metres (1,841 ft) in the 632-metres-tall (2,073-ft) Shanghai Tower (which is also known as Shanghai Center). It is an office-cum-hotel building in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Shanghai, China and was completed only recently in 2015. It is currently the tallest building in China and is said to have the world’s fastest elevators. The observation deck is located on the 119th floor and amongst other things it provides a view of the nearby S