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Tollywood Actors Neel and Aparajita Celebrate Jamjamat Jamai Shoshti at Smart Bazaar

Kolkata, 11th June, 2024Tollywood actors Neel Bhattacharya and Aparajita Adhya celebrated Jamai Shoshti in style at Smart Bazaar (Lake Mall), Kolkata, where they met the lucky winners of the #SheraJamaiSheraSasuri contest.

The energetic duo even created a fun rap video, showcasing their shopping spree at Smart Bazaar and highlighting the store's convenience. Smart Bazaar stands out as a one-stop destination with a vast selection for all Jamai Shoshti shopping and gifting needs.

The #SheraJamaiSheraSasuri contest, organized by Smart Bazaar, saw massive participation, making Jamai Shoshti an even more special occasion for many.

Speaking to the media, Neel Bhattacharya and Aparajita Adhya said, "We had a fantastic time celebrating Jamai Shoshti at Smart Bazaar. They have everything you could possibly need, and the #SheraJamaiSheraSasuri contest added so much to the festivities. We're delighted for the winners and impressed by Smart Bazaar's generosity!"

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