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Federal Bank Celebrates Onam with a Flavorful Feast and Artistic Splendor

Embrace the Essence of Onam with Federal Bank's Delectable Onam Sadhya and Artistic Road Show As the joyous festival of Onam approaches, Federal Bank is thrilled to announce its vibrant and engaging Onam campaign, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. With a delectable spread of the traditional Onam Sadhya and an artistic road show showcasing Kerala's diverse art forms, Federal Bank is all set to make this Onam season truly unforgettable. MVS Murthy, Chief Marketing Officer, Federal Bank said “Onam is a unique festival as it is heartiness multiplied X times over. It’s a festival that brings home NRIs, Familes in India, Colleagues at work and even the youth across educational stages. It celebrates people, community and the society as a whole in the same breath. A time to dress new, be joyous and converge on a happy meal that runs on to 30+ items , at the exit of which is a must have siesta. Those coming to Kerala from any part of the world can’t miss the fest and the feast coming together. Our campaign showcases different people contributing to the various kind of foods a la pot-luck. It is this spirit that has something which everyone feels a sense of ownership and contribution. One waits to hear from the guest how the food was. Much like our bank where each one of us strives to strengthen the “ rishta “ with sincere efforts towards better customer service. The Sadhya or the feast is almost a mirror or a metaphor of Federal Bank’s understating of culture and it’s deep relations in a world which can be digitally efficient, but can’t be sans the personal touch. Like the consistency of food , we savour, the brand is consistently building on its commitment of Rishta Aap Se Hai, Sirf App Se Nahi ™️ A Feast for the Senses: Onam Sadhya Watch the latest ad of Federal Bank launched yesterday for Kerala to celebrate the season! Click on the link -

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