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ITE 2024 Survey found Hong Kong Travelers to spend big on ICE & SNOW Travel

A recent Hong Kong survey which collected 812 replies in three days found 60% respondents plan to take ice and snow (here below called “I&S”) holiday in the next two years, despite only 21.9% have taken I&S holiday in the past. Thus, I&S travel which includes elements like skiing, aurora and snow festival etc. gaining popularity!


Further, respondents set high budget for I&S holiday! For example, 40% of respondents will spend HK$5,000 or more inclusively per person per day in an I&S holiday! Indeed, the I&S Travel Survey findings echo well with those of a recent a 2023 Asia Pacific Survey on skiing holiday found Hong Kong rank top among Asia Pacific travelers by average daily spending of EUR 558 per person.


    The I&S travel survey conducted online between 5 and 7 Feb 2024 by TKS, the organizer of ITE Hong Kong which Asia premium outbound travel fair, with invitations been sent largely to its public visitors. Hopefully, its findings can for example facilitate related exhibitors to plan more I&S related activities / displays in the next ITE to be held from 13 to 16 June 2024 in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.


Future Ice & Snow Travel


Interests among various forms of I&S rather evenly distributed! While hot spring at 65.1% the most popular, 52.7% picked skiing which the fourth most popular, and in between are aurora and ice sculpture each at 59.7%.


On daily (all inclusive) spending in an I&S holiday, 24.8% respondents will spend HK$7,000 or more; 15.3% between HK$5001 to $7,000; 17.1% between HK$2,001 to $5,000; and 32% between HK$1,001 to $3,000.


How long will they stay for an I&S holiday? Majority or 57.4% for 6 to 10 days! While 7.6% will stay the longest of 15 days or more, to be followed by 18.3% staying 11 to 14 days, and 16.6% the shortest for 5 days or less.


Where will they go for I&S holiday? The top five destinations are respectively Japan and South Korea at 76.2%; Europe at 26.1%; mainland China at 26%; North America at 18%; and other Asia at 7.3%. Significantly, 5.9% chose polar destination.


How early will they start taking I&S holiday? 10.0% will do so within coming 6 months; 34.9% within next 12 months; 15.1% within next 24 months; 31.8% still thinking and 8.3% has no such plan. 


I&S Veterans


Among those who taken I&S holiday in the past, 14% did so in 2023; 8.4% between 2020 and 2022; and 77.5% in pre-pandemic time. Their top popular destinations are respectively Japan & South Korea at 68%; mainland China at 11.2%; North America at 9.6% and Europe at 8.4%. 


Comparing pre- and post-pandemic, nearly all I&S destinations becoming more popular with Mainland China, Europe and North America enjoy the largest growth in popularity respectively by 14.8%, 17.7% and 8.4%.


Respondents’ Profile


Broadly, I&S respondents are mature and well educated. The three largest age groups are respectively those between 40 to 59 years old at 45.6%; between 25 to 39 at 43.7%; and those at least 60 years old at 6.5%. By education, 51.2% with university or above qualification, and another 24.8% post-secondary.  Broadly, profile of I&S respondents very similar to that of ITE public visitors, who are found to be premium FIT and 68% of them will spend more on travel in coming 12 months.

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