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  • Qatar Airways and gategroup Launch New Partnership to Elevate Inflight Dining

    Qatar Airways and gategroup Launch New Partnership to Elevate Inflight Dining With gategroup on board, the award-winning airline will set a new benchmark in inflight dining experience, quality, sustainability and healthy eating DOHA, Qatar – Qatar Airways and gategroup today announced a new catering partnership to elevate inflight dining, structured through a Business Management Agreement that will see collaboration on passenger dining experiences, sourcing and procurement, healthy eating, as well as sustainability. Qatar Airways' commitment to global aviation excellence will be reinforced by gategroup’s expertise in menu design, culinary concepts and operational excellence. This partnership with gategroup will amplify the Qatar Airways brand by delivering refined culinary experiences for our guests, inflight and on the ground in our world class lounges at Hamad International Airport. Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, said: “This partnership with gategroup will amplify the Qatar Airways brand by delivering refined culinary experiences for our guests, inflight and on the ground in our world class lounges at Hamad International Airport.” Chief Executive Officer of gategroup Mr. Christoph Schmitz said: “We are genuinely honoured to walk this path alongside Qatar Airways. It is a journey of discovery, growth, and immense potential, and we firmly believe in the transformative power of collaboration, where two companies come together with shared visions and values to craft something truly outstanding.” gategroup’s culinary team will be based in Doha and will contribute to the development of a dedicated culinary studio for Qatar Airways, which will facilitate innovation, co-creation and efficient menu design. The new culinary creations will focus on high quality ingredients, health and nutrition, incorporating local produce with a view to sustainable sourcing, authenticity and supporting local businesses. The elevation of culinary quality will be underpinned by robust processes around menu development, efficiency in production and systematic monitoring of food quality, taste and appearance. Through this collaboration, the airline will explore additional revenue streams and optimise operational and commercial efficiencies. This partnership conveys an exciting blend of culinary creativity and best in-class operations that will mark the next era of Qatar Airways’ inflight offerings.

  • Idukki & Peermade Soon to Open Eco Lodges

    The gorgeous hills of Idukki will soon offer you the perfect accommodation facilities. Peermade (also known as Peerumedu) and Idukki will soon open their first eco-lodge accommodations. Eco-lodges are constructed under the Swadesh Darshan Project by the Government of India as part of developing Pathanamthitta- Gavi-Vagamon-Thekkady as an Ecotourism Circuit. Now your trip to Idukki is hustle-free. You can opt for an excellent stay at eco-lodges here. Peermade Eco-lodge is situated 5 km away from Peermade town, near the Government guest house of tourism. Set amidst the lush forest, Eco-lodges bestows you a serene stay on the lap of nature, watching the deep woods and the wild animals.

  • Cotigao Village in Goa wins Bronze Award for Best Tourism Villages of India 2023

    Panjim, 29th September 2023 - It is indeed a proud moment for the state of Goa as Cotigao Village has won the award for the Best Tourism Villages of India 2023. This recognition was achieved under the Bronze category at the Best Rural Tourism Competition 2023 presented by the Central Nodal Agency for Rural Tourism and Rural Homestay, under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Out of a total of 795 applications received from 31 States/Union Territories, Cotigao Village stood out as a shining example of excellence and best demonstration of the values and practice of rural tourism. It has been recognized for its outstanding contribution to promoting rural tourism in India and upholding the principles of the Best Tourism Village Competition. Central Nodal Agency for Rural Tourism and Rural Homestay, under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India organized the Best Rural Tourism Competition 2023. The event is part of the global launch of “Travel for Life'' organized by the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, The United Nations World Tourism Organization, and the United Nations Environment program. The purpose of this event is to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of villages and also mark the initiation of the Best Rural Tourism Village Competition 2024 and the Best Rural Homestays Competitions 2024. The Best Tourism Village Competition focuses on the nine pillars that drive sustainable rural tourism development. Cotigao Village has excelled in these areas, showcasing its commitment to preserving its cultural heritage, promoting local community involvement, and providing economic opportunities through sustainable rural tourism. This achievement reflects the dedication and hard work of the community and the local authorities in Cotigao Village. The award recognizes Cotigao Village as a model rural tourism destination, demonstrating the potential for tourism development in rural areas that showcase the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. It serves as an inspiration for other rural communities across the country to follow suit and embrace sustainable tourism practices. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, congratulates Cotigao Village on this remarkable achievement. The Best Rural Tourism Competition 2023 is a testament to the Ministry's efforts in promoting rural tourism and empowering local communities to become active stakeholders in the tourism sector. This recognition will surely boost the tourism industry in Cotigao Village and attract more visitors who are seeking authentic rural experiences. It will not only contribute to the local economy but also encourage the preservation of the region's unique cultural heritage and natural resources. About the Central Nodal Agency for Rural Tourism and Rural Homestay: The Central Nodal Agency for Rural Tourism and Rural Homestay, under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, is responsible for promoting and developing rural tourism in the country. Its aim is to empower rural communities, preserve cultural heritage, and promote sustainable tourism practices in rural areas.

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  • About |Touriosity | West Bengal

    ABOUT US Welcome to the world of TOURIOSITY TRAVELMAG. We are a travel magazine that caters to the needs of all types of travelers. We are home to interesting and inspiring travel stories not only from award winning travel writers from around the world, but also from real globetrotters, daring backpackers and addictive travelers who just love getting lost at the slightest opportunity. We choose the travel destinations based on experiences of travelers and not on the basis of mere travel fashion. We bring to you only authentic travel stories about real great getaways and not any advertorials. Our writers travel beyond the established routes discovering wonderful but less-known corners of the world and therefrom bring a huge variety of individual travel experiences to you. Touriosity focuses on destinations that are not only fun but also affordable. Naturally our picks are both classic destinations as well as the up-and-coming ones. Apart from articles on well known and lesser known travel destinations, we also bring you the best of travel literature, travel diaries of globetrotters, stories of backpackers, mountaineers, trekkers and bicyclists, travelogues of solo travelers, experiences of women travelers, views of travelling artists, travelling poets and travelling cartoonists as also travel tips, travel gossips and travel deals. We help you to be discerning travelers aiming at exploring off the beat destinations in India and abroad. This travel magazine is aimed at making you a confident independent traveller. We aspire to give you wings by bringing to you inspiring stories of courage, confidence and great achievements from across the globe from people who achieved those feats and realized their dreams because they believed they could do it. We wish your wings will help you fly high and bring the world to your grip. By being with us you get to know that the world is such a beautiful place. We believe you would love to make a tour around our website and send us your valuable suggestions. We look forward to your feedback. Happy Travels! "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." – St. Augustine If you are an author/ writer/ freelancer and finding an opportunity to contribute in Touriosity If you have a Tourism property and looking for an editorial feature with Touriosity If you are organising a Tourism Conference, Expo, Event and want Touriosity to participate as Media Partner If you would like to write about Touriosity as leading Travel Magazine If you own a hotel, resort and any kind of tourism property and planning to feature your review on Touriosity If you are Public Relation Agency and want to feature your Press Releases on behalf your clients If you are advertiser and looking for space in Touriosity ​ ​ You are most welcome to fill in the form below ​ Submit Thanks for submitting! Let's work together

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