40 unique Rock formations in India

Rock formations can be really interesting not only for a Geologist or a rock-climbing enthusiast, but also for tourists in general as they present a unique but beautiful picture of mother nature. There are notable rock formations all across the globe but in this issue we thought of focussing more on the beauty of our own land. Even when it comes to rocky landscape, India is a land of diversity and sheer magic. So, this is a list of all the major spectacular rock formations in India that a traveller must see at least once in a lifetime. Touriosity brings this Snapshot exclusively for its readers.

1. Savandurga monolithic hill

Savandurga is a hill located about 60 km west of Bengaluru (Karnataka) off the Magadi Road. The hill is considered to be among the largest monolithic hills in Asia. The hill rises to 1,226 metres above the mean sea level and forms a part of the Deccan plateau. It consists of peninsular gneiss, granites, basic dykes and laterites and is worth visiting. The Savandi Veerabhadresh­wara Swamy and Narsimha Swamy temple at the foothill of it draw many pilgrims. In addition, this hill is also popular with adventurers, spelunkers and rock climbers.

2. Marble rocks of Bhedaghat

Bhedaghat Marble Rocks are simply magical, to say the least. The entire 8 km stretch is formed by River Narmada near the city of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. The flowing water of the river has carved the soft marble on the banks in such a way that it looks like a beautiful white gorge. Locals here create beautiful figurines, by carving these marbles, which are exported across the country.

3. Krishna’s butterball

Krishna’s Butterball is a gigantic granite boulder resting on a short incline in the historical town of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu. The boulder is approximately 6 meters high and 5 meters wide and weighs around 250 tons. Legend has it that this pre­cariously balanced boulder is actually a chunk of stolen butter that was dropped by the Gods from heaven. This is one of the most photographed places in Mahabalipuram.

4. Anegundi

This small village in Karnataka is believed to be the old king­dom of Kishkinda where monkey king Baali and Sugriva once ruled. There is a place which is believed to have ashes of Baali. There are many places in Anegundi which are associated with Ramayana. Hanumana was believed to have been born around this area. At Anegundi there is a prehistoric settlement called Onake Kindi. The boulders with rock art, a rock with some red and white markings had figures of human and bull. On another boulder there is a circular diagram like sun and moon and with some symbolism. Located close to Hampi, this place is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi.

5. Mawsmai cave