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56 Beautiful Waterfalls of India

India is truly a land of waterfalls. There are so many of them. Some states, especially Sikkim, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya and Karnataka have many beautiful cascades worth checking out. There are glacier-fed falls as well as river-fed ones, single cascade as well as multiple cascades. The following is Touriosity’s compilation of the 56 ‘must see’ waterfalls in India.

1. Dudhsagar Waterfall – Goa’s prestigious falls (Height: 320 m; Place: Sonaulim, Goa; Famous for: India’s fourth largest waterfall)

2. Jog Waterfall – The wonder fall of Karnataka (Height: 253 m; Place: Shi­moga, Karnataka; Famous for: Second-highest plunge waterfall in India)

3. Nohsngithiang Waterfall – A surprise waiting at Mawsmai Village (Height: 315 m; Place: Mawsmai, Meghalaya; Famous for: Seven-segmented waterfall, also known as Seven Sister Falls)

4. Thosegharh Waterfall – Maharashtra’s pride waterfall (Height: 20 m; Place: Thosegarh, Maharashtra; Famous for: Great scenery with windmill farms nearby)

5. Athirappilly Waterfall – India’s very own Niagara (Height: 25 m; Place: Thissur, Kerala; Famous for: Movie shoots)

6. Courtallam Waterfall – Tamil Nadu’s largest waterfall (Height: 160 m; Place: Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: Also known as ‘Medical Spa’)

7. Talakona Waterfall – Sri Vankateswara National Park (Height: 82 m; Place: Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh; Famous for: Highest Waterfall in Andhra Pradesh)

8. Khandadhar Waterfall – Odisha’s gem water fall (Height: 244 m; Place: Sundergarh, Odisha; Famous for: Historic importance)

9. Chitrakot Waterfall – a stunner fall from Chhattisgarh (Height: 29 m; Place: Bastar, Chhattisgarh; Famous for: Kanger Valley National Park)

10. Dhuandhar Waterfall – an odd but spectacular fall (Height: 30 m; Place: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh; Famous for: Cable Car Service covering the entire falls)

11. Kunchikal Falls – Ghati’s hidden treasure (Height: 455 m; Place: Shimoga, Karnataka; Famous for: The Highest Waterfall in India)

12. Barehipani Falls – Simlipal National Park, Odisha (Height: 399 m; Place: Mayurbhanj, Odisha; Famous for: Simlipal National Park)

13. Langshiang Falls – a sight to behold (Height: 337 m; Place: Nongs­toin, Meghalaya; Famous for: Third highest waterfalls in India)

14. Nohkalikai Falls – India’s largest water fall (Height: 340 m; Place: Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya; Famous for: India’s tallest plunge waterfall)

15. Meenmutty Falls – Kerala’s spectacular water fall (Height: 300 m; Place: Wayanad, Kerala; Famous for: Jungle Trekking)

16. Kune Falls – Pune’s secret weekend outing (Height: 200 m; Place: Pune, Maharashtra; Famous for: Stunning backdrop of the famous Sahy­adri Mountains)

17. Thalaiyar Falls – an impressive gift from Tamil Nadu (Height: 297 m; Place: Theni Tamil Nadu; Famous for: Highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu)

18. Vantawng Falls – Serchhip’s tourist attraction (Height: 229 m; Place: Thenzawl, Mizoram; Famous for: Highest uninterrupted waterfall in Mizoram)

19. Umbrella Falls – God’s wonder in Ahmed Nagar, Maharashtra (Height: 52 m; Place: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra; Famous for: Wilson Hydropower Dam)

20. Hogenakkal Waterfall – Tamil Nadu’s majestic falls (Height: 20 m; Place: Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: Boating during the dry season)

21. Abbey Falls – A surprise awaiting at Madikeri (Height: 20 m; Place: Madikeri, Karnataka; Famous for: View from the hanging bridge)

22. Kiliyur Waterfalls – a treasure hidden in the Eastern Ghats (Height: 91 m; Place: Yercaud, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: Boating and swimming)

23. Papanasam Waterfall – The Majestic Falls (Height: 91 m; Place: Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: Nearby temples)

24. Shivasamudram Falls – one not to be missed while in Karnataka (Height: 98 m; Place: Mandya, Karnataka; Famous for: India’s second hydro-electric power station)

25. Soochippara Falls – the misty cascades (Height: 200 m; Place: Vellari­mala, Kerala; Famous for: Rock climbing)

26. Bhagsu Waterfall – Mcleodganj pilgrimage offers a treasure (Height: 20m; Place: McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh; Famous for: Shiva temple nearby)

27. Amritdhara Waterfalls – a fair and a fall at the same place (Height: 27.4 m; Place: Koriya, Chhattisgarh; Famous for: A very auspicious Shiva temple and a very famous mela is held every year)

28. Barachukki Falls – a double treat awaits at Mandya Karnataka (Height: 107 m; Place: Mandya, Karnataka; Famous for: Coracle ride that takes travellers up to the mouth of the waterfall)

29. Bear Shola Falls – where bears come to drink! (Height: 20 m; Place: Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: Trekking and popular picnic spot)

30. Chunnu Summer Falls – Darjeeling’s wonderful waterfalls (Height: 20m; Place: Darjeeling, West Bengal; Famous for: Rock Garden, a small lake, boating)

31. Elephant Falls – Shillong’s icon (Height: 135 m; Place: Shillong, Megha­laya; Famous for: Step type falls, also known as ‘Three Steps Waterfalls’)

32. Ethipothala Waterfalls – falls and crocodiles make a double treat (Height: 21 m; Place: Guntur; Andhra Pradesh; Famous for: Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Crocodile breeding)

33. Ghatarani Waterfalls – Chhattisgarh’s furious falls (Height: 9 m; Place: Durg, Chhattisgarh; Famous for: Biggest waterfall in Chhattisgarh)

34. Hanuman Gundi Falls – a jewel at Kadremukh National Park (Height: 22 m; Place: Chikmagalur, Karnataka; Famous for: A famous Shiva temple, Kem­managundi National Park)

35. Hajra Falls – lush greenery, a feast for the eyes (Height: 50 m; Place: Dhanegaon, Maharashtra; Famous for: Lush green surrounding, nearby rail­way station)

36. Iruppu Falls – the elongated Karnataka fall (Height: 40 m; Place: Kadago, Karnataka; Famous for: Rameshwara Temple, Pilgrimage)

37. Karumalai Falls – Tigers and Waterfalls (Height: 37 m; Place: Valparai, Tamil Nadu; Famous for: Tiger Reserve)

38. Kempty Falls – Mussoorie’s towering icon (Height: 15m; Place: Mussoorie, Uttarakhand; Famous for: One of the longest waterfalls in India, fishing)

39. Rajdari Waterfall – a staircase made by nature (Height: 65m; Place: Chakai, Uttar Pradesh; Famous for: Unique step type formation)

40. Sirimane Falls – Perfect weekend getaway (Height: 12m; Place: Sriheri, Karnataka; Famous for: Weekend getaway for nearby residents)

41. Thommankuth Waterfalls – in remembrance of a great hunter (Height: 40 m; Place: Thodupuzha, Kerala; Famous for: Exotic flora and fauna)

42. Kanchenjunga Waterfall – A perennial waterfall in Sikkim (Height: 90 m; Place: Pelling, Sikkim; Famous for: Trekking, Sewaro Rock Garden)

43. Barkana Falls – India’s tenth largest fall (Height: 259 m; Place: Agumbe, Karnataka; Famous for: One of the top ten largest falls in India, Trekking)

44. Duduma Falls – Orissa’s biggest waterfall (Height: 157 m; Place: Badigada, Odisha; Famous for: Matsya Tirtha pilgrimage centre)

45. Lodh Falls – the marvel hiding in Burhaghaugh (Height: 143 m; Place: Latehar, Jharkhand; Famous for: Tallest waterfall in Jharkhand)

46. Nuranang Falls – The pristine beauty (Height: 100 m; Place: Ta­wang, Arunachal Pradesh; Famous for: Movie shoots)

47. Bhimlat Falls – The melodious falls (Height: 60 m; Place: Bundi: Rajasthan; Famous for: Mahadev Temple and a green lake)

48. Kynrem Falls – Highest waterfall in Meghalaya (Height: 305 m; Place: Sohra, Meghalaya; Famous for: 7th highest falls in India, Thang­kharang Park)

49. Magod Falls – The jewel of the woods (Height: 198 m; Place: Yel­lapur, Karnataka; Famous for: Trekking)

50. Palani Falls- The utmost surge waterfall (Height: 150 m; Place: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh; Famous for: River rafting, paragliding, camp­ing, local festivals)

51. Kalhatti Falls – The traveller’s hub (Height: 122 m; Place: Kallattipura, Karnataka; Famous for: Veerabhadreshwara Temple)

52. Tambdi Falls – The immaculate and wild (Height: 130 m; Place: Surla, Goa; Famous for: Shaivite temple)

53. Arvalem Falls – The tranquilising and reinvigorating (Height: 50 m; Place: Sanquelim, Goa; Famous for: 6th Century ancient caves)

54. Gira Waterfall – The Misty Cascade (Height: 23 m; Place: Waghai Town, Gujarat; Famous for: Nearby Saputara Lake)

55. White Surf Waterfall – Into the wild (Height: 25 m; Place: Little Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands; Famous for: Adventure Sports)

56. Changey Waterfall – Tranquil falls with observation decks (Height: 300 m; Place: Pelling, Sikkim; Famous for: Crystal clear water)

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